Arts has been playing role to heal the injured heart for hundreds of years. There is a great significance of arts in people’s lives. In other words, the world has not become beautiful if not because of arts that became stronger since the Medieval Era.

Renaissance Era too sparked the minds of people to engage themselves in the pursuit of arts and sciences in order to make the world a space of color happiness. In the world of arts, this is just an expression of the emotion, mind and body. However, nowadays arts is being weighed through its beauty. With this, people made arts as a means of competition. If so, the nature of arts might disappear. Actually, it is. People are saying this art is better than this and that. However, art is just the expression of the mind and spirit and there should be beauty in it.

When man is sad, bored, heart broken and happy, where do they divert their attention to? Is it not to arts? This is because arts is everywhere! People watch performing arts, read literary arts, view visual arts and hearts feels relaxed even a little bit. This is why arts is part of human world. Human and arts never separate. This is a big help for us who are struggling in this world and this is how we overcome our stresses, troubles and fatigue so that we keep on the journey of breathing. A man does not live by bread alone, he need comfort and relaxation.