Here are the best artists of all time and there are so many things to make sure of when choosing the best artists. First is for Visual arts.

Vincent Van Gogh is considered the most amazing artists of all time. Whenever you see the bright sky, you will be reminded of his painting. Vincent Van Gogh was painting when he was suffering of loneliness and he had painted hundreds of paintings before he died.

Pablo Picasso is known for his amazing talent of drawing abstract ones. He is one of the most incredible artists of all time even to thins very day.

Michael Angelo is an Italian artists who painted the Sistine Chapel and created the sculpture of ‘David’. He is still one of the most famous artists of all time.

Leonardo da Vinci is an Italian artist just like Michaelangelo, known for the paining ‘The Last Supper’ and ‘Monalisa’. These are the most famous paintings that he has ever produced in his time although there were too many of them.

Literary Arts. In the field of this art, Shakespeare is the number for he could not be forgotten of his sonnets and narrative drama. His most famous tragedy is Romeo and Juliet and this has been played in theatre and shows all over the world again and again. It is also part of the studies in the school.

Homer is a Greek writer whose narrative story is Iliad and Odyssey. Although many claim that he did not authored this one, there is still no one whom this story can be attributed to.

John Donne is a metaphysical poet whose wit is beyond understanding. He has already demonstrated his talent in writing poem and stories. He is really very amazing writer.